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What We Built and Delivered In BrightDrop's 1st Year

We turned a proof of concept business plan announced at CES 2021 into production hardware and software while building out a company in a single year.

End of an Era: Apple Discontinues iTunes U

I’m incredibly proud to have been part of the team that created this product and it’s global impact on education.

Proud To Be Part of the BrightDrop Team Making EV Delivery Happen

BrightDrop Completes Record-Setting Build of its First Electric Light Commercial Vehicle; Unveils New Vehicle and Inks Deal with Verizon

FCFinder V2 - Football (Soccer), GraphQL, and SwiftUI Pandemic Adventures

FCFinder V2 is an application for displaying the locations of football clubs by league and by year.

UIKonf 2020 Goes Remote

The organizers of UIKonf just announced that this year’s conference will be remote only due to COVID-19 pandemic. I’m really glad that they did this to help in the fight...

UIKonf 2019 Review

This was my second time attending UIKonf in Berlin and it more than lived up to my fondest memories from UIKonf 2018. I was pleasantly surprised by to find the...