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Twice Is Nice! Simple Featured Again On Apple App Store

This week Apple is (again!) featuring the Simple Finance iOS app as the top budgeting app for college students.

Simple Featured On Apple App Store

Today the Simple Finance iOS app was featured by Apple on the App Store under the category of “Best New Updates”.

Tracking My Car's Mileage With Fuel App

tl;dr: I built (and open sourced) an iPhone X app to track my car’s fuel usage.

UIKonf 2018 Review

tl;dr: A collection of my favorite presentations from UIKonf, an independent technical and community conference for iOS developers.

Making Location Edits To Apple Maps

tl;dr: Apple accepts location data additions and edits for Apple Maps via macOS Maps app.

Update site design

Today I’m releasing an updated design to my Web site. This new design provides a cleaner and more consistent UI design while also making it easier to find content by...