UIKonf 2019 Review

This was my second time attending UIKonf in Berlin and it more than lived up to my fondest memories from UIKonf 2018. I was pleasantly surprised by to find the so many people that I’d met and interacted with the previous year were back again and that they all remembered me! It was truly being back amongst friends… even after a year’s time and 4400 miles travelled.

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June 23, 2019

Beautiful night along the Spree in Berlin

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May 31, 2019

DotSwift 2019 Review

I attended the DotSwift conference in Paris, France the last week of January. It’s an afternoon of a series of 18 minute talks and 5 “lightning talks” that last 4 minutes all on topics related to Swift software development. This conference brings together people from across Europe and North America and emphasizes presence / social interaction. In fact one of my favorite things about the conferece was it’s “No Wifi” policy. This encouraged attendees and presenters to talk with each other during breaks as well as enable attendees to give their full attention to the presentations.

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February 03, 2019

Twice Is Nice! Simple Featured Again On Apple App Store

This week Apple is (again!) featuring the Simple Finance iOS app as the top budgeting app for college students.

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August 22, 2018

Simple Featured On Apple App Store

Today the Simple Finance iOS app was featured by Apple on the App Store under the category of “Best New Updates”.

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August 14, 2018