UIKonf 2019 Review

UIKonf 2019 Review

This was my second time attending UIKonf in Berlin and it more than lived up to my fondest memories from UIKonf 2018. I was pleasantly surprised by to find the so many people that I’d met and interacted with the previous year were back again and that they all remembered me! It was truly being back amongst friends… even after a year’s time and 4400 miles travelled.

As UIKonf is well known for, the quality and range of topics again this year was no different. Traditionally the conference organizers utilize an anonymous Call For Proposal process to select the talks, but this year decided to have an “all-female speaker line up on stage”. While this caused some consternation when it was announced, by far the feedback that I heard while there and my own personal experience being there was very positive. UIKonf was still UIKonf. I think this was a great experiment and more importantly sets the bar much higher for other tech conferences in having more women as featured speakers going forward. There should be no more excuses. For more details about the reasoning behind this check out Hacking with Swift’s interview with conference organizer Sabine Geithner.

I’m already looking forward to attending again next year, but until then please enjoy a few of my favorite presentations from this year:

Shannon Hughes - Detangling Gesture Recognizers

Julie Yaunches - Consistency Principle

Sally Shepard - Swift to Hack Hardware

Füsun Wehrmann - From Heroic Leaders To High Performing Teams

Ellen Shapiro - Kotlin/Native

Kate Castellano - What to expect when you are templating? Clue’s approach to Backend Driven UIs

For more great talks please explore the full UIKonf 2019 Session Playlist.