UIKonf 2018 Review

UIKonf 2018 Review

tl;dr: A collection of my favorite presentations from UIKonf, an independent technical and community conference for iOS developers.

I had the great pleasure to attend UIKonf in Berlin, Germany last week. It was a single track conference over two days that had a great balance of technical, business, and socially positive presentations. I really enjoyed getting to meet and learn from some incredible people from around the world. Here are some of my favorite presentations:

Kamilah Taylor - Tired of the state of online conversations? 🙈🙉🙊 Let’s do something about it 💪

A fantastic look at how today’s social media platforms’ internal business measures of success encourage the polarization, misinformation, and distrust we’re seeing in society. More importantly, what people are starting to do to fix these problems.

John Sundell - The Magic of UI Testing

Great advice on how to find the right balance between test coverage, utility, and speed.

Carola Nitz - Advanced Debugging Techniques

A deep dive on some (not widely known) tools and techniques for finding and fixing issues with UIs and performance.

Dave DeLong - The Laws of Magic

A brand new talk from Dave where he discusses 3 “laws” for building engaging experiences and apps.

Janina Kutyn - Improving Scrolling Performance through GPU Optimisation

An introduction to how device CPU and GPU work together to produce smooth UIs and how you can improve their collaboration for your app.

Vincent Garrigues - Scaling iOS, a story of technical debt, and how to get through it

A story about the unitended consquences of rewriting the SoundCloud app, what the team learned from this experience, and how they used what they learned to succeed.

The entire set of conference presentations are also available on YouTube.