Launch Team For "Why Managing Sucks and How To Fix It" Book

Launch Team For

I’ve had the great fortune to be asked to be part of the Launch Team for Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson’s new book “Why Managing Sucks and How to Fix It: A Results-Only Guide to Taking Control of Work, Not People”.  As part of the process I’ve been given an advanced excerpt of the book to read and asked to give an honest review.  If you’re interested you can look for the review on later next week.

I first learned about Ressler and Thompson by reading Dan Pink’s book on human motivation and behavioral economics called “Drive”.  My interest in behavioral economics comes from my Liberal Arts background and my career as a software engineer where I’m constantly thinking about how and why people do things so that I can build better tools to help people accomplish their goals.  Since then I’ve been following their work at their firm CultureRX and have learned a lot that I’ve been able to apply successfully in my career.  If this book is anything like their previous work, it’ll definitely be worth picking up a copy.