Tracking My Car's Mileage With Fuel App

I bought my current car in 2016 (Volkswagen Jetta ❤️) and was interested in knowing how long (if at all) the advertised fuel efficicany of the car held up. To do this I’ve been recording the mileage everytime I stop to refuel. I have done this manually by recording the trip odometer, the amount of gas bought, what type of gas bought, etc and then entering it into a spreadsheet at home since I bought the car. I’ve now been able to automate this process by creating an app for my personal iPhone X.

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June 03, 2018

UIKonf 2018 Review

I had the great pleasure to attend UIKonf in Berlin, Germany last week. It was a single track conference over two days that had a great balance of technical, business, and socially positive presentations. I really enjoyed getting to meet and learn from some incredible people from around the world. Here are some of my favorite presentations:

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May 24, 2018

Making Location Edits To Apple Maps

As a traveler one of my favorite features about macOS Photos app is the map view that displays the location of each of my photos. I love how this helps me remember my past travels as well as provides inspiration for places I have yet to visit. Recently I imported some travel photos that did not have geolocation information needed to power the map display. In order to get these photos to display on the map I had to geocode each photo. While doing so I discovered several locations that Apple Maps didn’t currently have. macOS Photos’s map works just fine with raw latitude / longitude coordinates for the photos but Apple Maps is much richer for all of us to have the locations labeled. Thankfully Apple has a way to do this.

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January 29, 2018

Update site design

Today I’m releasing an updated design to my Web site. This new design provides a cleaner and more consistent UI design while also making it easier to find content by tag as well as share it via the various platforms.

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January 14, 2018

The Economist - "Not all roads lead to Google Maps"

This past week The Economist published an article, “The battle for territory in digital cartography” by Hal Hodson, discussing how companies like Mapbox and Mapillary are using community powered data from OpenStreetMap, crowdsourced imagery, and anonymous real time GPS location data gathering from smartphones to compete with the likes of Google in the quest to develop autonomous vehicles.

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June 17, 2017